Diversity Festival Workshops 2016


Sound Healing
with Cindy Babyn

Relax, tune in, and ground yourself with this 1-hour morning sound healing session with Cindy Babyn. Cindy will play acoustic frequencies in a trance-style with instruments from around the world. Come feel the vibes of gongs from Bali and China, Koshi Chimes from France, Hapi Drums from California, frosted quartz crystal singing bowls and clear quartz crystal singing pyramid, Himalayan singing bowls, and more.


Microbial Art
with Nicholas Crudele

We will be using the Amino Labs DNA Playground to paint with E.Coli bacteria on a petri dish


Guided Meditation through the Elements
with Jenna Jade & Beatfarmer

Guided Inner Journey Meditation activating our inner knowing and connection to the elements. Using imagery, music and breath to guide the participants on a journey within.


Intro to Juggling and Flow
with Ethan Mallais & Tom Mallin

Learn how to juggle or take it to the next level! Guidance for manipulating flow props such as clubs, hoops, poi, staff, chickens... and anything your heart desires. Get into the flow and connect with movement

Harmony Singing
with Susie Ro

Come and experience the incredible power of joining our voices in harmony - giving ourselves the gift of opening to pure presence through music and harmonic connection. Gorgeous songs of the heart, of the earth, of freedom, joy and presence - composed by and collected from around the world by Susie Ro. "Singing together is an advanced technology that brings us almost instantaneously out of our heads, and into our hearts" - Susie Ro


Bellyfit® Live - Strong. Sexy. Soulful
with Alice Bracegirdle & DJ ROWAN

Join the legendary, Ms Alice & DJ Rowan of Bellyfit® Enterprises Inc., for Bellyfit® Live: a mystical, magical movement experience, masterfully designed to invoke & awaken the Wild within. This intuitive fusion of dance + yoga + mantra + mudra, will summon both Sacred Feminine & Divine Warrior in perfect harmony.


with Shekinah Clarke

Dive deeper into the beauty of dreamcatchers by learning the intricate art form, accompanied by detailed history and the sacred meaning behind each part of the dreamcatcher


Acro Yoga Play
with Auren & Ayla Challenger

AcroYoga is a form of partner acrobatic-yoga practice. These beginner techniques are accessible for EVERYONE to try, regardless of experience. You don’t need to bring a friend. Bring your wonderful self and meet new friends. Come laugh, play and support each other as you learn how to base, fly and spot in a fun and safe environment.

Clown Playshop
With Julia Sevitt

Find your body of delight and explore a variety of masks through interactive games. We will shake, laugh, cry and be seen in a supportive and silly environment.


The Turntemple Sessions with DJ All Good

The Turntemple is a mobile, solar powered, multi turntable DJ classroom housed inside a 26 foot Uhaul truck. It is a place for DJs to share the art of Turntablism and Vinyl based DJing. Workshops for new DJs, professional development for veteran DJs.


Mask Making with Tian Ostapovitch and Layla Duggan

Mask Making with Tian Ostapovitch and Layla Duggan

Design your own unique mask! Decorate with a big selection of fabrics, feathers, and much more. Wear it around the festival after you're done.

Both adults and kids welcome, come have fun with the whole family!

Paint your Fantasy Pet - Recycled Art Party
with Artisan Emma

For those who believe we must tread lightly on Mother Earth. You are invited to take part in this mini 'fantasy pet' acrylic painting class using upcycled materials.Painting and art recycling tips lead by Artisan Emma. Workshop includes all materials, but artists are welcome to bring their own supplies! Sign up required, maximum 20 people.


Home Based Mushroom Cultivation
with Vadim Junea

Learn to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms at home using low tech methods. In this workshop the participant will make their own oyster mushroom bag to take home.

Hoop Playshop: Be Your Badass Self!
with Lola Loops, Rich Nines, Ariel Amara

Hoop playshop and movement exploration followed by jam! Designed to bring out your inner playful badass, getting into our authentic and creative hoop dance. Let your freak flag fly!


Tantra Yoga
with Yogi Shambu

Using both humor and intuition, with over 20 years of teaching experience, Yogi Shambu trains people in many of the exciting techniques of Tantra Yoga. Join Shambu in Victoria for Tantra Tuesdays, follow him on Facebook and Instagram @yogishambu, and checkout his free yoga nidra at www.shambu.co .


Grounded Feet Qi Gong
with Bryana Hope

This workshop teaches you some of the basics for Qi Gong to help you connect to your Qi, or your life force energy. Based on the Taoist principles from Mantak Chia, these movements help to harness your Qi through your connection to the earth, and the cosmos. This is a great form of movement meditation to start your day and get grounded.

Spirit Songs Cacao Ceremony
with Mapstone and special guest Susie Ro Prater

Spirit Songs Cacao ceremonies and Dances combine the presence and intention of ceremony with the creative and divine forces of music. We begin by connecting and grounding through prayer, gratitude, honouring and intention. Opening the space and the directions to call in our greatest selves, whilst creating a safe environment for us to be free and expressive in.

Funky Meeting Jam
With Downtown Mischief

An introduction to all ages and skill levels on the fundamentals of music with friends and family.

Freestyle Focus Group

Join the FFG for a positive and inclusive freestyle rap workshop. Whatever your age, background, or skill level: everyone can freestyle!

The Church of Reggae Yoga

Grounded in the spirit of One Love, the Church of Reggae Yoga brings together reggae music, yoga, dance and prayer to connect body, mind and spirit and send blessings into the world. Following the path of the warrior, the Church aims to empower and uplift, facilitating freedom, depth, fun and lightness, while culminating into deep relaxation and closing with a group healing prayer for the earth. All people and all levels welcome.


80’s Workout

It’s Happening!!!

Yoga Flexions
with  Elizabeth Brown &  Leah Hrivnak-Pearce

A gentle hatha yoga class blended with intuitive movement, restorative poses and reflexology. Wake up your body and mind gently in this relaxing and rejuvenating practice.


KIDSZONE: Open from 11am – 4pm Sat/Sun
Featuring: Kid friendly crafts, activities, workshops, installations + more!

Hoola Hooping
with Dixie Honey

Come join Dixie Honey in the kids zone starting with a gentle stretch followed by a hoop jam where I will teach you all my favorite tricks. This class is for all levels young and old.

Diversity Kidz' Mural on Saturday from 2-3pm : Pre-school teacher and Diversity's own KidZone coordinator, Rachael (aka Sunshine Mica), hosts a mural workshop for the children each year with a different theme, This year's mural theme is PUZZLE. There will be multiple large sized "puzzle pieces" available for painting, and once finished they will all be put back together into one complete piece. Come bring your little ones of all ages to be a contributor to this collaborative art project!

Kazoo and Noisemaker workshop + one more workshop and a Sunday Parade !

Captain Thunderpants is an intergalactic Space Pirate from the planet Funkathon. He travels through time and space aboard his Star Galleon, the Epic Spectacular Thunder Stallion, trading songs, stories and games for sweet potatoes.

The Captain has a fondness for dinosaurs, marshmallows and polka.

Teepee Workshop Schedule 2018

10:00 AM Sound Healing Sound Healing
10:30 AM Sound Healing Sound Healing
11:00 PM
11:30 PM Amino Bio Guided Meditation through the Elements
12:00 PM Amino Bio Guided Meditation through the Elements
12:30 PM
1:00 PM Tantra Mushroom Cultivation
1:30 PM Tantra Mushroom Cultivation
2:00 PM Mushroom Cultivation
2:30PM Harmony Singing
3:00 PM Harmony Singing Dreamcatchers
3:30 PM Dreamcatchers
4:00 PM Mask Making Dreamcatchers
4:30 PM Mask Making
5:00 AM Mask Making Cacao Ceremony
5:30 AM Cacao Ceremony

Diversity Stage Workshop Schedule 2018

10:00 AM Acro Yoga Qi Gong
10:30 AM Acro Yoga Qi Gong
11:00 PM
11:30 PM Clowning Playshop Intro to Flow
12:00 PM Clowning Playshop Intro to Flow
12:30 PM
1:00 PM Freestyle Focus Group Viking Magick
1:30 PM Freestyle Focus Group VIking Magick
2:00 PM
2:30PM Airband Comp Funky Meeting Jam
3:00 PM Airband Comp Funky Meeting Jam

Beach Stage Workshop Schedule 2018

10:00 AM Restorative Yoga w Liz Church of Reggae Yoga
10:30 AM Restorative Yoga w Liz Church of Reggae Yoga
11:00 PM Hoop Workshop
11:30 PM Belly Fit Hoop Workshop
12:00 PM Belly Fit Hoop Workshop
12:30 PM Belly Fit
1:00 PM 80's Workout

Additional Workshops

Turntemple 2-5 pm Daily

Male Model Swimsuit Competion Saturday 4:00 pm on the beach

Womens Ugly Swimsuit Competition Saturday 5:00 pm on the beach

Recycled Art w Emma 1:00 pm Saturday -makers space

Parade Sunday 11am from Kidzone


Diversity Festival would like to present it's all new competition section for 2018.
Check it out!!

Women's Ugly Swimsuit Competition

Oh Ladies……….Are you tired of always looking amazing??? It’s time to get downright ugly in that saggy old one piece and swim cap. It’s going to take all the unflattering attire and demeanor you can muster to win this one!!!
All contestants must fill out entry form by July.18th


Male Model Swimsuit Competition

Calling all MEN (or those who identify as male.) This is your chance to strut your stuff and give us something to talk about. Bring your bathing suit, your attitude and a towel. Cause to be a male model, your swimming skills and technique will be put to the test! Don’t be shy, be bold and bodacious!!
All contestants must fill out entry form by july.18th


Airband Competition

Do you think you have what it takes to rock Diversity’s first ever AIRBAND COMPETITION??? Diversity wants you to BRING IT and rock so hard, we might take you for granite! Prepare to be judged by our world class judging panel and compeat your way to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes!!!
All contestants must fill out application form by July.18th


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