Diversity Festival Vendors 2016


Sli City Grill serving veggie and beef burgers, salmon plate and salmon burgers, poutine, breakfast poutine,full breakfast plate and more.

The Bandwagon Food Truck
They make their own seitan and vegan cheese and turn those into gluten free poutines, burgers, reuben sandwiches, grill cheese and more.

Cocina Mexicana serving burritos, tacos and enchiladas.

Totally Baked serving Morrocan pulled pork, chili'n cheese dog, chicken, beef and vegetarian samosas, pork'n egger, banana bread, cakes, donuts, and tarts.

Pirate Pops doing a sweet and savory waffle with deep fried apple fritter, onion rings and home made fresh fruit popsicles, cream sickles and fudge sickles.

Toast by Cottage Creek serving organic sourdough topped with avocado, pb+j, and other simple and home made spreads and fruit. with breakfast cookies, spelt brownies and other goodies.

Just Soul Food serving an array of delicious gluten free/vegan/refined sugar free/raw treats and desserts.

Smooth Moves Smoothies serving dairy free smoothies, kombucha, soft serve coconut milk, soft serve ice cream, and smoothie bowls.

Lil Tiny Donuts serving mini donuts, popcorn, and cotton candy.

Float Coffee serving pour over coffee, aeropress,  French press, cold brewed coffee with optional ice.

The Tea Hut serving a variety of teas, chai and a delicious assortment of cookies.

Jess Batan serving salmon and corn on the cob with potato salad


Jo'momma Designs a locally designed line of clothing made with delicious different sustainable fibers.

Maha Devi Designs with a beautiful array of bamboo and organic cotton clothes.

Dropping from Designs hand made in Canada by artisans - leather hats, earrings, pouches, belts, bags, head dresses, chokers, silversmith jewelry  and more.

Moon Tribe Vintage with a lovely array of fun vintages pieces and  festival inspired pieces.

Monstr+Queen selling hand crafted tails and other lovely accessories made by artisans.

The Tickle Trunk is a unique boutique that offers a fun new and used festival clothes.

Mint Girls offering geometric leggings . These, one of a kind, unique leggings are double processed, hand stencilled and then dyed with shibora technique, which insures that no two pairs are ever the same.

Nabrad offering adult and childrens Bohemian gypsy wear as well as providing a healing henna lounge.

Fantastical Worlds offering a selection of viking and pirate wear and other fantasy gear.

Art of Blossom with a beautiful line of art on clothing and other beautiful art pieces.

Wild Moon Child Designs wire wrapped crystal jewelry and fiber arts.

HerbnWear big selections of men and womans clothing of every kind- bamboo, organic cotton, soy, and hemp. offering everything from Pants, shirts, dresses to bikinis, full accessories and hula hoops!!

Arianna Rose offering a unique selection of her art work.

Earth Dragons Organic topical cannabis skin care products.

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