Diversity Festival 2016

Welcome to the official Diversity Festival website!

Diversity Festival celebrates the diversity in people, music, and arts on the West Coast of B.C. The event is held at the Shingle Beach Campsite on Texada Island and serves as a fundraiser to cover maintenance and development costs associated with Shingle Beach Campsite.

Shingle Beach Campsite is supported by donations from campsite users and special events. Diversity Festival being the principal contributor of funding that covers the annual maintenance and development costs.

Drawn from both inside and outside the community, artists, composers, bands, performers and participants from across the continent and beyond will converge for a celebration of creative culture.

Every year Diversity Festival undergoes a decision process based on many factors to determine being held or put on hold. Sensibility combined with the outcome of these factors remains the source of direction required to maintain continued sustainability within the organization and community.

Each Diversity Festival requires a certain balance in order to be held. After careful consideration, the decision has been made to proceed with Diversity Festval 2018.

Thanks to everyone for the inspiration, support, and incredible energy that makes Diversity the amazing festival that it has come to be.

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